Are you ready to Release and ...

...manifest abundance with greater ease?

...communicate with more power and clarity?

...enjoy vibrant health and energy?

...feel more in control in all areas of your life?

...make decisions with clarity and confidence?

...improve relationships with family, friends and co-workers?

What is Releasing?

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How Releasing Has Changed Lives

My relationship with my Mom has improved so much. She has Alzheimer’s and I used to react to her, get myself tied up in knots, and feel crippled, unable to say what needed to be said. After releasing with CFR, I no longer react to her. I feel free to be myself around her: I’m relaxed, I speaking lovingly and I’m firm when needed. ~Dan H.

Before I found Releasing I used to push the river in my business. I could be successful, but always with a huge price to time and energy. Now with the help of the regular and ongoing course work with Center for Releasing I’m learning to turn to releasing and Beingness to do the heavy lifting. Today after a weekend of releasing with Kate in her Abundance course I booked a new client in a $1,000 package! ~Beth M.

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