Testimonials and Gains

There is nothing we like more than cheering people on, and we love to hear about people who have broke through barriers and achieved! By sharing your wins, you’ll also inspire others, after all we are all in this together, right? Releasing Gains provide a great way to stay in touch with the community. Sharing your gains and wins provides an opportunity to more deeply anchor your own insights and transformation, and to inspire and motivate others.

You are encouraged to share your experience!

Feel free to share short gains and/or full details of your wins. A great way to structure your gain is to provide a before, during, and after picture that reveals the shifts and transformation and/or benefits that were experienced. When writing your gain, center yourself, write from your feeling center, and think about the following (how much you actually share is up to you):

Before I found Releasing I used to push the river in my business. I could be successful, but always with a huge price to time and energy. Now with the help of the regular and ongoing course work with Center for Releasing I’m learning to turn to releasing and Beingness to do the heavy lifting. Today after a weekend of releasing with Kate in her Abundance course I booked a new client in a $1,000 package! ~Beth M.