What is Releasing?

What if there was one simple thing you could do that would make every area of your life easier and more enjoyable? There is. It’s called Releasing.

Developed by a physicist, Lester Levenson, Releasing is a very simple process to undo all of your self-created limitations and stress.

Releasing is true alchemy, instantly transforming unwanted feelings and stress into happiness and joy, with no effort!

Based on the fundamental truth that we are unlimited beings, Releasing is not about becoming something.

It is a simple letting go of your self-created limitations that keep you from being aware of your own magnificence.

Letting go is the essence of all growth.  Psychologists, doctors, and wise beings over the centuries all tell us to “let go”.

Releasing is a simple, natural easy way to let go on the spot.  It can be used in the midst of life’s busyness or if you’re just sitting quietly.

It is easier than you might think and more effective than you could ever imagine.

The results are cumulative – the more you Release, the better you feel and the more life flows for you.

Much of your life is run by your feelings and subconscious thoughts. Fears can stop you. Anger can rule you. You can carry hurts for days, weeks, or even a lifetime.

Your desire for things or people to be different than they are causes stress.

Over time, stress builds and conditioned thinking takes over. You run on autopilot.

Releasing frees and empowers you to take back control of your life.

To enjoy fully the simple wonder of being alive. To stay connected to the love, happiness and well-being that is your true nature. All without regard to your current circumstances or challenges.

If you have ever wanted to find a magical way to be happier than you could imagine, this is it. 

We encourage you to discover who you really are, without the limitations and wrongful ideas you’ve accumulated.

Come learn a way to erase these misconstructions and be your own true self – your shining, beautiful self.

Our easy way of leading you through this empowering way of letting go (takes only a few hours) will last the rest of your life. 

Once you know what you’re doing, you can use it to find your own place of peace and happiness – forever.

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