Our Mission

The Center for Releasing was created to share the simple, transformative practice of releasing with the world. As a global-based, not-for-profit educational organization we make releasing affordable and available. Our experiential learning, coaching, and teacher training programs empower people to create more fulfilling, successful, and joyful lives.

Simplicity & Ease Are the Cornerstones

Our approach to releasing is based upon the simple, powerful process developed by Lester Levenson. In the 1950’s, Lester awakened to the reality that we are all unlimited beings, limited only by our thoughts of limitation. This do-it-yourself process allows us to free ourselves of self-created limitations and discover our true nature of joy, peace, and happiness.

The Founders

Kate Freeman and Rick Solomon, founders of the Center for Releasing, learned how to teach this process directly from Lester. For over 30 years, Rick and Kate have been teaching Releasing around the world in the business, personal, and spiritual communities.