Picture of Rick Solomon CoDirector Center for Releasing HeadshotRick Solomon has devoted his life to sharing the teaching he learned from Lester Levenson, the founder of the Releasing Process. Rick has integrated the simplicity and beauty of releasing into every aspect of his life, including his business. He teaches professionals and business owners how to release self-limiting thoughts to achieve greater success and lead more fulfilling lives. Rick has travelled the world, teaching thousands of people how to let go and make their lives easier and more joyful.

“Releasing is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It allows you to achieve goals with greater ease, and abide in your true nature of Love, Peace and Happiness – no matter what is going on in your life or in the world. It’s what everyone is seeking, whether or not they know it.”

Rick and his lovely wife Marsha live in Stony Brook, New York where they have raised five children together. Releasing continues to be at the center of their ever-growing family.